My Purpose and Vision

To inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, to assist others in their search for a more productive and rewarding career or life experience.

What am I passionate about

Helping others to help themselves in developing new skills and strategies that will move their business forward.

Public speaking:  I feel energized and stimulated when giving an ‘in front of the room’ presentation or just sharing ideas in the flow of conversation.   I love the stimulation that comes from a positive conversation that adds value to everyone in the conversation.

Teaching: I love answering questions and evaluating peoples progress, identifying what elements are missing and offering new examples to illustrate new possibilities.  I love to be in the trenches, with my sleeves rolled up and I love molding the clay.

Coaching: I enjoy coaching because it allows others to see for themselves their own solution and thereby empowers them to move forward.  You need to guild rather than lead them to a conclusion.  It is fun and fulfilling for myself and moreover the client when they are able to make their own discoveries and distinctions permanently empowering them to create something new.