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A Winning Goal-Setting Formula

Part One in a Three part series… A Winning Goal Setting Formula

…The first in a 3 part series


Part One:

Goal Setting Basics… Setting The Foundation





~ What Is A Goal?

A goal is something you aim for, something you strive for. In basketball the goal is the basket. An archer’s goal is to hit the bulls-eye at 40 or 100 meters. The mountain climbers objective may be to reach the top of the mountain.

In business and in life, a goal could be many different things. You can set goals in practically every area of your life. You can set career goals, business goals or fitness goals. Your only limitation is your own imagination and that my friend has no limits.

A GOAL is a written document describing a desired outcome, stated in the present tense. Example: “I am so happy and grateful now that this blog post is finished and no adding value.”

A very important distinction about goal-setting is that a goal is not an actual goal until it is committed to writing.

~ What A Goal Is Not

A goal, outside of the context of sports is not always a concrete thing… It could also be an experience. Don’t think of a goal a result, rather you could think of it as something venture and something gained.  A goal outside of sports is not a race against anyone or anything, nor is it a finish line… A goal is more like a choice in direction, a decision as to which stepping stone you will stand on next as you move through your life.

~ Why Are Goals So Important & What Is Their Purpose?

Many believe that the purpose for setting a goal is to get something but, that is only a result… The true purpose of a goal is to make you grow. The real value in setting a worthwhile goal is all about the person you must become to achieve that goal. If you need to develop a new skill, increase your feelings of self-worth or learn to trust another person to achieve a particular goal, then that is a part of the goals purpose and a huge benefit to you. You have grown as a person.  Having moved through the goal you are now more capable of achievement than when you began.  You are now more aware of your power to create and achieve even grater things.

Goal-setting is an essential part of your personal growth and development. … Which is in fact the true essence of a goals power and purpose!  You have the power to choose as to what you will Be, Do, and Have.  No one else can make that choice for you.

~ Okay, Now What?

There are many different ways to structure a goal and there are many different types of goals. For example there are “smart goals”, long term goals, short term goals, health goals, career goals, etc., etc.  Many will tell you that every goal requires certain elements like a due date for example.

In this simple format there are only two main criteria we need be concerned with when creating our goal… The Time-Line and the Specifics.  The following exercise takes care of the time-line.  The specifics are where you and your imagination come in to play.  The more specific the better.  The more time you spend here, the sooner your goal will be realized.  In other words, do the work now or do the work in some distant future after having produced poor results… Do the work now.

Fun & Easy Goal-Setting Exercise:

  1. Write out a list of things that you want to have and experience in your life. Work on it some more…                 Don’t hold back even thought you have no idea how they could happen.
  2. Select a single goal from your list.
  3. Write this goal out in the present tense to create your first goal from this exercise.

(Example: I am so happy and grateful now that …. (fill in the blank)

… my company’s sales keep going up. … I am a published author … I have found my ideal partner … my wounds are healed… I am earning $100,000.00 each year.  There is no right or wrong way to establish your goal on paper, as long as it is positive, the more specific the better and stated in the present.

Tip: The part about HOW your goal is going to happen is not your work. Your work begins in the next step…

“Congratulations… Now you have your goal before you!”


The Next Step… Part Two: The Catalysts For Goal Setting Achievement

When you are ready to experience the next level thinking in the goal-setting process… Part two is where you will learn the actual processes of turning your goal into a reality and in Part three learn why you are built to set goals.

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Author: Dennis Lund, CPPC

The Professor of Possibilities

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, & Coach


  1. Hi Dennis. Great blog post. I love your definition: “A GOAL is a written document describing a desired outcome, stated in the present tense.” I like what you shared about a goal being an experience. The journey is half the fun of achieving a goal.

    If you invest time in working toward a goal, you should focus on achieving your goal in order to earn a Return on Investment (ROI) based on the time you committed to work on your goal.

    1. Thanks Rick,
      That is the truest definition of a goal, indeed. The part about a goal as “an experience” was my telling the reader that a goal can be set for a specific experience… Not just an object. For example, I want the experience of being snowed on while hiking in the Alps or the experience of being acknowledged by my peers. I encourage you to revisit this post again and again as there are many layers within.

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