About Dennis

Dennis Lund (Speaker, Coach, Blogger)

Dennis Lund is an extraordinary entrepreneur and businessman with more than 20 years experience. As a Certified Professional Performance Coach, Dennis uses his broad knowledge and expertise to assist business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals in their quest to live their vision. Dennis Lund enjoys being a speaker and a coach, because he believes this is his greatest opportunity to be of service to others and to create change in the world.

Dennis Lund is a man who is passionate about learning and discovering new things.  Just as he is constantly sticking his head down a new “Rabbit Hole”… He is sure to have something new to say about the law of attraction or how the universe “really works.”  While present here on earth, Dennis likes spending most of his time working with other Entrepreneurs, Business builders and Ideas people.  He is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Certified Performance Coach who has recently taken to blogging.

Dennis is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience.  He teaches/coaches business owner, entrepreneur, Speakers, Coaches and Service Professionals, Network Marketer, and business startups how to attract more clients.

Dennis struggled for many years and in the beginning had no mentor or successful people around him to help set the foundation. He gets that what most people refer to as a failure was actually setting the groundwork for his success.

Today Dennis Lund is focused on life and adding value… Taking up a leadership role.  Loves to travel, cook, play golf.


  • CPPC… Certified Professional  Performance Coach
  • Veteran… Active Duty military, U.S. Army.  08/1983 – 07/1990.
  • Certified Sales Trainer.. Eric Lofholm International, Inc.
  • Author… C0-Author, Amazon best seller: Step Into Your Vision
  • Ambassador for STN
  • 25 years ~Entrepreneur

My Purpose:

  • to function as a leader
  • to function as a teacher
  • to create value for others
  • to create… Learning experiences for your audience / Content
  • Tell people my why all day long! .. Golden Circle

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