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What is Coaching?

Coaching is about assisting people to move forward in their lives to create the results they want – using all of the resources they have.  It is a way of being with people in posing powerful questions about what they want out of life, within their families and careers and what they can do to create it.

It is not about giving advice or telling people what they need to do or projecting judgments onto others.  Coaching is most effective when working with individuals, families or businesses when involved in change, i.e., managing adolescent issues, business or career changes, goal achievement, health changes, etc.  Coaching assists in providing clarity and designing the framework that will best support an environment of change and growth.


Ontological: Related to or based upon being or existence.

Performance: Calling forth committed action in another.

Coaching: To work with other human beings by instruction, demonstration and practice in ways that they are empowered to transform their way of thinking and behaving to produce the results they truly desire.

Ontological Performance Coaching: Being with human beings in a way that creates shifts by coaching ways of being, practices that create

Dennis Lund holds the distinction / designation of  CPPC… Certified Professional Performance Coach.

He was awarded his certification through Source Point Institute in July, 2012.  This certification carries the highest ceec in accordance with ICF.

The Source Institute’s fundamentals and mastery coach trainings are approved by ICF for 197.5 total CCE Units.

industry-leading coach training recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

“Dennis, you are a phenomenal Coach! Love how you always meet me where I am in my life, no rigid schedule. Thanks for helping me get my life back on track.”
~Jaylene Sheehan

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