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The Catalysts For Goal Setting Achievement

Part Two in a Three part series… A Winning Goal-Setting Formula


Part Two:

The Catalysts For Goal Setting Achievement

~ Imagination, Visualization and the Emotion of Gratitude





In part one we set the foundation. We discovered that A GOAL is a written document describing a desired outcome, stated in the present tense. We now know that a goals true purpose is to make us grow. When we talk about growth we are referring to personal growth, awareness, and empowerment. Now It’s time to put that goal into action.

~ It’s All In Your Head

Your imagination is a gift. It is the playground of the mind. It represents one of the highest capabilities of the human mind. Without the use of our imaginations and the power of thought, we could all still be living under a rock.

Use your imagination to your advantage. When you hold your goal before you, imagine that it is already yours! Visualize yourself already in possession of it. Imagine and feel the joy of having it now. Everything begins with a thought. Before you can hold it in your hand, you must first be able to see it in your mind.

If this idea sounds ridiculous to you as you are reading it… Then you are not using your imagination. You have likely bought into someone else’s idea of how thing “really work” and you are now bound by their limiting beliefs. Remember that it’s your imagination and what you do with it is your business and ultimately your reality. Give yourself permission to dream, imagine and explore just as you did when you were a kid!  Imagination and thought really is the beginning point of all achievement.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

~ The Power Of Visualization

I want you to literally see yourself as already having achieved your goal. This is an art form and may take some serious effort at first. Once you have established your goal as we did in part one… Your work now is to come into alignment with it.  One very powerful to doing that is visualization.  Here is a fun and easy exercise you can do is to create a “Vision Board.” A vision board is a collage of different images representing your goal or goals. For example if one of your goals is to travel, you could include pictures of all the destinations you want to visit.


Look up Vision Board

~ Create your very own vision board today!

Gather some old magazines with photos representing your goals or you can  create your own images or download them from the internet.  Be sure to include a picture of yourself. You may want to include an image of yourself doing your goal activity or something that you enjoy. Get together with your friends or gather the family around the dinning room table to create memory along with your vision board.





~ We Are Emotional Beings

We are more accurately spiritual beings with an emotional guidance system.  Our emotions are an indicator of what we are thinking in relation to our desires. Being grateful is very high on the emotional scale and the practice of being grateful is the main catalyst that will move you closer to your goal and your goal closer to you! No other attitude than that of gratitude will ever do as much for you. Even the optimist or the positive thinker is bound to loose faith and quit in tough times. When you focus on good feeling thoughts, only good things can come to you.  Adopt an attitude of gratitude… Your life will never be the same.


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

~ Exercising Your Power

Putting it all together…
When you are able to leverage your imagination and visualize your goal with an attitude of gratitude, you are in action… You are now creating a more compelling future. As you begin to move more into alignment with your goal in this manner, you will begin to draw upon two of the most powerful laws of the Universe… The law of attraction and the law of cause and effect into your favor.

It is for this very reason that your goal is written in the present tense. If your goal where stated as a future possibility, it would forever remain in the future. Having it now emotionally, holding it now, even if only in your imagination is what gives your goal it’s pulling power.

This may mean the forming of a new habit for you. I read somewhere that it takes up to 66 days to form a new habit. If you consider that we have spent a lifetime forming the ones we have now, then that is good news. A habit is simply something that you do on a consistent or repetitive basis.

Remember; You need not concern yourself with how it is going to happen. For now we are going to leave that to what I like to call “the manager.”

~ Two daily habits that will bring your goals from being a fantasy to being real…

Form the habit of gratitude: Look for things in your environment to be grateful for.
Review your goals regularly: View, visualize and speak your goals daily.




Read your goals out loud or to yourself.,  Use your vision board as an aide.,  Feel gratitude as you imagine your goals already in your possession.







With much gratitude… I Thank You!
In part three you will be introduced to some more advance thinking on this subjects…

Your Goals Plus Your Power Equal Your Results


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Authored by:

Dennis Lund, CPPC

The Professor of Possibilities

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, & Coach


  1. I like what you shared about exercising your power Dennis. You said, “As you begin to move more into alignment with your goal in this manner, you will begin to draw upon two of the most powerful laws of the Universe… The law of attraction and the law of cause and effect into your favor.”

    That is so true. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this Dennis! Great tips on truly manifesting your goals.

    1. Thanks Kimi,

      Is Hawaii on your vision board?

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