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Your Goals Plus Your Power Equal Your Results

Part Three in a three part series … A Winning Goal-Setting Formula

The Power of the MInd

Part Three:

~~~~~~Your Goals  +

~~~~~~~~~Your Power  =’s

~~~~~~~~~~~~Your Results



In part One & Two we set the tone and foundation.  You have everything you need to set effective goals and achieve them.  Here in part three I am going to introduce you to some broader, higher thinking concepts that will support this winning goal-setting formula as well as open up a whole new world for your exploration.

Your Goals Plus Your Power Equal Your Results

~ Your Goals

Your goals are very important. Without goals you have little control over the direction of your life.  A goal and your intention coupled with the right actions is always a winning formula for success.  On the flip side, if you are not setting goals, who is responsible for your results?… Ultimately you are so take control.

Your goal is first a thought and once written it becomes a thing.  Things have energy.
The Universe we live in is governed by laws. The primary law being that everything is energy. Energy can not be destroyed, it can however take on different forms. You, I and everything else is made up of energy. Our bodies are able to maintain their cohesion or shape because of their particular state of vibration. Within this subsidiary law… The law of vibration is yet another subsidiary law called the law of attraction. Which states that That which is like attracts like.

~ Exercising your power

Your ability to choose, set a goal and then act upon that goal is completely under your control… This is your power!  This is also your responsibility.

Motivation Tip:  Taking responsibility for (knowing that you are responsible for) all of your results, past or present offers an incentive to do a better job moving forward.  It also frees you up from outside influences.


“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

You are far more powerful than you know. The fight and flight mechanism that we share with animals is still in place, however we have learned new truths and behaviors. We have the ability to further develop our mind and to better use it’s higher faculties, like our imagination, will power and persistence to achieve our goals.

You have the ability to imagine and visualize anything in your mind and experience it as if it were real. The brain can’t tell the difference from what is real and what is imagined. By leveraging your will power and your imagination you are giving your goal (which is a real thing) all of the energy and pulling power it needs to attract and then manifest its physical equivalent.

You are leveraging the law of attraction and impressing upon your subconscious mind a new image. Because your subconscious can not discern from what is real or imagined, it accepts it as fact and will therefore act upon it as if it were real. This will cause a new behavior within you which will ultimately produce a different result. In the interim, the law of attraction will bring to you more things, people, circumstances that support your goal.

~ Your Results

If you continue to think the same thoughts, you will continue to act in a similar way and you will produce similar results.  Your results are a product of your programing or paradigm.  The process by which you may reprogram your subconscious mind is through repetition.  Goal-setting is the starting point for producing a new result.  The higher faculties of the mind must be leveraged and the practice of repetition applied over an undetermined period of time to impress this new idea upon the subconscious mind before it can take hold.  The law of cause and effect is also working to bring your goal to you in the most powerful and amazing ways.  This is once again why I say our work is not to be concerned with the how our goal is coming but, rather the persistent practices of visualization and affirmation.


“The mind is motion, the body is an expression of that motion.” ~ Bob Proctor

~ New Beginnings and New Opportunities Await You

Be easy about this process and your life. There is no cause for stress or worry that you can’t get it done.  You were born to excel at this process and all of the laws of the Universe were purposely designed to support you in this process.  the only way to fail is to quit.  The choice is yours and so are the results.  Don’t allow anyone to influence your dreams, goals or reality unless you want them to.

Some Key Points…

Attitude is everything… Practice the attitude of gratitude.

Attitude is the culmination of you thoughts, feelings and actions.

The goal-setting process: Think it, feel it, do it!

The lucky ones are not the ones born with money or an advantage… They are the one’s who stick to their goals plan and actually do the work.  They are the people who are still focusing on their goals long after everyone else has quit trying.  Be courageous, bet the leading edge creator you came here to be!


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Authored by:

Dennis Lund, CPPC

The Professor of Possibilities

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, & Coach



  1. Fantastic blog series on goal-setting Dennis! I like what you said that, “If you continue to think the same thoughts, you will continue to act in a similar way and you will produce similar results.”

    It is critical to be able to evaluate whether your actions are helping to achieve your goals. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks Rick,

      We really do become what we think about.

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